DSCN5572-0011I offer counseling, consultations and psychotherapy in English and in Polish. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist at the final stage of training, preparing for obtaining the psychotherapeutic certificate.

I help people deal with such issues as:

  • inability to deal with stress and anxiety
  • lack of self-worth
  • low self- esteem and inability to cope with everyday issues,
  • flashbacks of traumatic memories
  • repetitive nightmares
  • inability to build stable relationships and friendships
  • being overly dependent on others
  • dissatisfaction with life, depression
  • eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, obesity caused by compulsive overeating, etc.
  • going through a crisis due to some changes in life, adaptation crises,
  • loosing somebody who was close: a relative, friend, beloved pet, due to moving, divorce, breaking up a relationship, death or any other reason
  • going through a crisis connected with approaching a certain age
  • feeling lonely and misunderstood by the majority of people
  • remaining in a dysfunctional relationship or inability to terminate it
  • feeling overly responsible and overburdened with too many duties
  • psychosomatic illnesses (body symptoms that cannot be explained in a medical way)
  • neurotic symptoms, compulsive behaviors, persistent obsessive thoughts
  • and many others…

If you feel one or some of the above listed symptoms or similar ones concern you, I may be of help. It is important that you do not stay alone with your suffering and can relieve your psychic pain by sharing and understanding it in a friendly and compassionate environment, where everything you say remains confidential.

Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapy in Krakow

email: dorotawojcik[at]moj-psycholog.com
tel: +48 504 282 956 (Poland)
www: http://help-is-at-hand.com/

Hotel Lipsk, os .ALbertyńskie 1-2, 1st floor, room 123. (Near Rondo Kocmyrzowskie, Rondo Czyżyńskie, Carrefour Czyżyny and in a close proximity of Tomex)

We also provide our services in Warsaw, Katowice.